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Friday, January 24, 2014

Going Retro and Casual in Gaming for Me.

So let me backtrack you on what I've been doing while inactive in the blog.
Android games are still okay, I guess

So finally I got myself my own Android phone. Not your trendy phone but spec-wise it's on par with the major ones and I'm good with it. So I got pre-occupied in exploring my phone. Of course, I'm also looking for good games to play with it in Android.

I'm fine playing games in the phone, at least casual games. So I'm not entirely agree on some talk before that Android games will be the future of gaming. I don't think so... when it comes to hardcore and intensive gaming, I still go for gadgets meant for gaming like consoles and handhelds. PC is fine too.

So for my gaming treat in my Android, I'm at least okay with simpler yet really fun games. Doesn't need to be that intensive or lengthy. There are several games that already caught my interest most of them recommended by friends. I'll probably share something with it next time...

It's oldschool but it still enjoyable.
Another thing that got me occupied for a while was playing Playstation 2 games. I actually bought my friend's Playstation 2 Slim for that. Now, I know it's already an obsolete, more than 10 year old system and to most of you probably thought it's a waste already considering that most of us are already able to play PS2 games by other means. Even so, for me, it still a different experience when you're playing games on the actual console and playing it in front of your television set. More than that, I still love playing games on PS2. One thing of that is because there are ton of games from the console that I missed playing. It's so oldschool, yeah, I know. But it's still something that I enjoyed the most.

I've been catching up to games that I haven't played on the PS2 ever since. Honestly, I haven't even played Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater or even most of its RPGs like Final Fantasy XII. And while I'm at it, I'll try to share some of those games that I've been longing to play on my blog post.

Until then,


Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally! Valkyria Chronicles 3

Finally, I got to play Valkyria Chronicles 3 in english now. Although not official, actually. An english patch has recently been made for it but it actually took very long before the patch got available around the holidays. When the patch was finally available, I kickstart my PSP again after several months of not using it.

So this how it goes... Valkyria Chronicles 3 (Senjou no Valkyria 3 in Japanese) was released around January 2011 and had a second version release (Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition) around November 2011. Unfortunately, it never had a US release. So I almost gave-up the thought of playing VC3... until I thought of perhaps someone would translate it.. and there was! So there's this certain group who took up the task of creating a translation patch for VC3 but it was actually a very very long process that almost took 2 years before it became available. I'm patiently waiting for it for 2 years.

Finally! I could understand you now! XD
At the moment I wrote down this, the current english patch for VC3 was still in beta version, whereas according to them it was 90% complete. As far as I could tell, the translation is very good enough. Enough to be able to go along with game and understand the main story. I guess the one's that haven't done here are the extra stuffs like encyclopedia's, information and DLC's. There were quite few typos, misalignment of text and even some I think just minor bugs but I believe it doesn't have a major effect in the overall gameplay. All is good and I'm very much thankful to the guys who work on the patch.

If you want to learn more about the guys behind the translation patch and about their patch file, just go over to their site here.

Please note that everything about these patch stuffs are obviously not legit. If you're not so agreed with this kind of stuffs then it's alright to stay away and forget about it.

Until then,


Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Start (again) on the New Year

Finally. After almost a year in a half of no activity in the blog... yeah, it's been a while.

First of, I want to apologize to anyone who visited my blog and asking some stuffs that I failed to reply. I notice that they're quite few comments here who are asking on something. Sorry if I wasn't able to reply.

As usual, real life stuffs become really busy and I am also occupied with other stuffs other than my usual shenanigans. A lot of things have change around me these past few years. And there will be more to come this year. 

Regardless, I still wanted to catch-up on the things I missed, like this blog. Especially now I have a lot of things I wanted to share. I redesigned the blog. It's much simpler now.

I already said this before, that I may not always be active here so I won't oblige myself to write something especially if I have nothing to say or share. I just wanted to make things natural in this blog. Be more on a personal level. But I also have to apologize to you guys who have some questions but didn't answered. Not sure if some of you are still expecting for a reply but I guess I have to answer at least.

Now that said, time to restart the blog again. And also, Happy New Year to all >=)


Monday, April 30, 2012

Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together Review

It’s been a long time since I seriously played a tactical-based game because of its lengthy gameplay and you would tend to spend more time in it considering that some of them would force you to grind. But these games always have been a charm for me. I never got to play many tactical games that much. One that I won’t forget was Final Fantasy Tactics. Then there are other unique tactical games like Valkyria Chronicles II. Then recently, I finally got to play Tactics Ogre – Let’s Us Cling Together for the PSP.

Released on February 2011, this game was already a classic game that was released way back the Super Famicom days and re-released on Playstation, Sega Saturn and recently to Playstation Portable. I never played the older ones so I can’t really tell how it was improved but personally, the PSP version was very good on its own.

The story of the game start off with 3 characters, Denam, Catitua and Vyce who want to take revenge against a Dark Knight named Lancelot for destroying their hometown. The 3 tries to ambush 5 travelers they mistakenly think to be the Dark Knight Lancelot and realize that he isn’t and that one only shares the same name as the Holy Knight Lancelot.

The travelers namely Warren, Gildas, Mirdyn, Canopus and the Holy Knight Lancelot decide to help Denam to take arms against the Galgastians. They take the first step by saving the leader of the Walister Resistance, Duke Ronwey. The Duke accepted them and join his cause to battle against the Galgastians and from there the fate of Denam and his companions will make a big turn.

The game’s story has several branching paths to take depending on the choices you make, some small pieces in the story or even the major ones will have a significant effect in the story-telling, like whether you decide to help someone or not, or whether you have able to save somebody in battle or not. At certain situations, if you fail to save a character and dies, they are permanently dead. There are several unique characters in the game but not all of them can be recruited. Depending on your actions and decisions, some of them can be your ally, some of them will not or some will just perish.

There are no absolute right and wrong in every choice (some parts perhaps), it’s all depend on how you look at it as far as story goes so you would probably feel torn in the choices. But then again, if you’ve felt you don’t like the outcome of your choice, just make sure you have backed-up your save data beforehand.

Like any other turn-based tactical games, the strength of your army relies on how you manage the equipments, skills and classes of every unit in it. The good thing here is that, building-up units is more convenient. Instead of leveling-up per unit, they are level-up per class and the level is shared, so if you have a level 20 Knight, all other of your Knights are also scale to level 20. Although class level is shared, skills must still learn individually but you have the option to transfer it to other characters. If your unit dies in the process, you can transfer his skills to another. This way no skills would go to waste entirely.

There are several features in the game that makes it more interesting and enjoyable to play in my opinion, like the Tarot system where you can freely replay your turns in battle just in case you don’t like the turns you’ve made. Chaos frame system which basically works with the loyalty level of your units where If your unit’s loyalty drop, they will leave your army and will never return. The game has lots of information to read regarding in-game stories and character references that constantly updates depending on how the story is mold for every character. I personally got fond of reading the information that I actually spent longer in reading than playing.

Replayability of the game is very good. After finishing the game, you will unlock few extra post-game scenarios and you will be given an option to replay scenarios from any points of the game and get a chance to choose different choices, try different paths and even able to recruit other characters that you didn’t get in your first play.

Overall, Tactics Ogre – Let Us Cling Together is a very good game for me. I personally like the story and more contents that will keep you on playing even after completing the game and most especially the classic feel of the game. If you’re looking for a good classic tactical game that would keep you busy for a couple of months or 2, you definitely should try Tactics Ogre – Let Us Cling Together.

Until then!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Dissidia 012 Feral Chaos Battle FINAL

So last time, I posted my gameplay of battling the Manikin Feral Chaos and one skirmish battle against the real one. So now, here's my whole battle against the real Feral Chaos. It took 4 of my characters to beat him, pretty much the same as before. And as I said before, the real Feral Chaos is somewhat almost the same as the manikin version only without the insane accessory boost but with more variety of attacks, more aggressive and has an assist attack from Garland (which I hate it with a passion!).

Feral Chaos is the final boss in the story mode – 000 Story Confession of the Creator. The mode is unlocked once you beat both 012 and 013 story mode (beating the game, basically). The mode allows you to explore the overworld freely until you find your way to Feral Chaos. In this mode, the enemies are insanely strong and here, you will able to get most of the rare materials to create stronger equipments.

Round 1 – Jecht
Jecht now is my favorite character because of his brute combo I have recently learned. Here, I haven't got to learned his combo yet so...

Round 2 – Lightning
The longest round of all... funny thing because in my last gameplay with Lightning, it was almost the same thing happened... I guess I've manage to survive that long because of Lightning's various abilities that I could easily catch Feral Chaos off-guard

Round 3 – Cloud
Seriously, I could have beaten Feral Chaos here but I was caught off-guard. Nothing much to say in this part... my bad.

Round 4 – Squall
Last round. Beat Feral Chaos using Squall's Blasting Zone as intended, hehe!

Hope you enjoyed my gameplay.

Until then!